What 1 Kings 20 Taught Me about Humility

I was reading 1 Kings 20 awhile ago, and something in the passage really struck me.

In the story, an enemy king (quite intimidating. He had 32 other kings with him) was coming against Ahab and the Israelites.

God promised that He would give the enemy into the hands of the Israelites. Exactly what Ahab wanted to hear.

But the first question the Israelite king asked God was, “By whom?”

Surely, he wanted to know if the victory would bring him fame. Enhance his name and his kingdom.

God’s response probably didn’t please Ahab too much. “By the servants of the governors of the districts.”

God was going to bring about victory by servants. Not by the hand of the king or his most trusted soldiers.

By servants.

Thankfully, Ahab obeyed God’s instructions, even if the prospect of someone other than himself gaining the glory didn’t please him too much.

It reminded me that sometimes God will fight a battle, but it doesn’t mean it will have the outcome we wanted. Battles may be won, but it doesn’t mean God will choose to make us the hero.

Victory may be by another’s hand. Then, we have to swallow our pride. Kind of humbling to think about, isn’t it?

I know it was for me.

When the odds aren’t in our favor, they are in God’s. And sometimes, for the battle to be won, we must humble ourselves even if it means the battle is won by someone else’s hand.

Then, when we lay aside our pride, we may truly begin to see a victory.

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