Welcome to my blog, Love Unconditional, and for choosing to check out my content. Whether you’re new to my world or have followed me through my Instagram for a while, welcome! I’m so glad you’re here!

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Hannah Lynn, a high school graduate who loves acting, writing, and singing (pretty much all things creative. And no, sorry. You probably won’t get to hear me sing…)

From the time I could hold a pen, I’ve been writing. Novels, short stories, poems, scripts, or anything else I could make those twenty-six letters called the alphabet into. For the longest time, I never shared my words with the world, save unsuspecting grandparents and relatives who came to visit, but I always felt like I wanted to use my words for something more. God gave me these words, and by His grace, I wanted to give them back to Him by encouraging others.

God loves us unconditionally, more than any of us could ever know or imagine (Romans 5: 7-8), and that’s what I pray you come to realize more as you read this blog. However, please know that my words are no substitute for the Word of God (the Bible), so please read God’s great Love Letter for yourself and see how much He loves you!